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Jan 17, 2018
Comments Off on GWCA, you’re all invited to a Sinulog celebration at Rizal on Sun, June 21st,

GWCA, you’re all invited to a Sinulog celebration at Rizal on Sun, June 21st,

Please Join us for a Sinulog celebration 

on Sunday, January 21, 2018,

at Rizal Community Center 

1332 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago, Illinois! 


A novena and rosary, sponsored and led by the San Lorenzo Ruiz Group, begins at 3:00 p.m., 

followed by a service at 4:00 p.m., also sponsored by the Group. 


The Sinulog dance performance and light dinner, sponsored by 

the PASAC (Pilipino American Seniors Association of Chicago) 

and the Filipino American Council of Greater Chicago will be at 4:45 p.m.



Celebrated each January, Sinulog is one of the most popular and colorful festivals in Cebu City, Philippines. A 500 year-old tradition, it is an annual cultural and religious dance, that aims to connect the country’s rich pagan history with its Christian traditions.


The Sinulog dance is said to originate from the adviser of Rajah Humabon, King of Cebu. The province was founded by his grandfather Sri Lumay, prince of the Chola dynasty who invaded Sumatra in Indonesia. Sri Lumay was sent by the Maharajah to establish a base for expeditionary forces to subdue the local kingdoms, but he rebelled and established his own independent Rajahnate instead in the Central Visayas. 


The word “Sinulog” was derived from the Cebuano adverb “sulog” which roughly translates to “like water current movement.”


The dance steps used in the ritual are believed to be from Rajah Humabon’s adviser, Baladhay, who was allegedly cured from sickness by Santo Niño.


According to historical accounts, Baladhay, then ill, was found to be shouting and dancing shortly after he was placed in an area where the Santo Niño and other pagan gods were displayed. He said the image of the Santo Niño was trying to awaken him.


Baladhay’s dance movements resembled the back-and-forth movement of the water current.


Devotees still use the two-steps forward, one-step backward movement in the belief that it is upon the Santo Niño’s instructions.






Jan 4, 2018
Comments Off on $20M in Lake View HS Improvements + Campus Re-do Presentation 1/9/18, 6 PM

$20M in Lake View HS Improvements + Campus Re-do Presentation 1/9/18, 6 PM

There is a Public Building Commission Community Meeting on Tuesday, January 9, 6 pm at Lake View. Alderman Pawar, Alderman Tunney and Principal Karafiol will discuss school and campus plans and timelines. Please ring the bell at Ashland door #6 to get in. Parking is available in the lot off Irving Park. GWCA, the Graceland West Community Association has been talking with the Alderman’s office about the plans for the new Lake View High School campus. Neighborhood priorities are below.


Lake View High School was founded in 1874 and is the oldest high school in Illinois. GWCA wants LVHS and its Campus to be well known examples of excellence: i.e. education, function, architecture, best practices, mentally and physically healthy environment, green building, hardscape and landscape and inspirational for students, faculty, staff, the neighborhood, City of Chicago and visitors.


The current Lake View High School Campus and Community Park, opened in 1997.  It was a collaboration and a pilot (CPS, City of Chicago & 47th Ward, Park District and GWCA) with immense and quieting green space, shared space, art, seating, a Play Lot and rebuilt track and field.  It was purposefully planned for all ages.   We greatly appreciate what Alderman Pawar, Tunney and Principal Karafiol have done with the new 2018 plan and its funding and for Public High School education.  The campus plan includes a new cushioned track, new field and new play lot.


Going forward there are essential elements needed to build on the best we have all been enjoying in addition to the track, field and playlot.

  1. Maintain close to 80 mature and replacement interior campus trees.
  2. Maintain about 30 parkway mature and replacement trees that surround the east campus.
  3. Include and incorporate deep rooted and absorptive native shrubs, plants and grasses.  Add a lightweight green or living roof in the future, if possible.
  4. Maintain and add inspiring art as possible.
  5. Maintain some elements of the promenade with seating and space for yoga and Thai chi with new shade seating outside the playlot for resting, conversation, tying shoes, sitting and drinking water.  Re-use some of the portable mosaic covered concrete benches done by LVHS students if possible.
  6. Resolve longstanding flooding and standing water issues for immediate streets, intersections, sidewalks, vehicles and basements.  Students and neighbors walk through this water and the neighborhood experiences basement, street, sidewalk and vehicle flooding.
  7. Take care not to create a traffic situation that requires stop signs or a traffic light at Irving Park and Greenview, which will cause more drivers to avoid the light at Ashland and Irving Park and consequently increase cut-through traffic on neighborhood north/south alleys, Belle Plaine, Berteau and Cullom during morning and evening rush hour.
  8. Be sensitive to neighborhood living with healthy, beautiful and minimal campus lighting.  Use AMA 2016 LED lighting health guidelines.  Maintain dark sky and don’t over-light.  Best Practices.  State of the Art.
  9. GWCA wishes to maintain a strong partnering relationship with / Lake View High School / the 47th Ward Alderman and staff.
  10. GWCA wants the Graceland West neighborhood including households, schools and businesses to continue to be among the Greenest, Healthiest, Safest and Most Welcoming in Chicago.


Upcoming Events

  1. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale

    June 2 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  2. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale Rain Date

    June 3 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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