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Dec 29, 2017
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The Rizal Community Center invites all neighbors on Saturday, December 30th.

Following the Commemoration of the 121st Death Anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal led by the Consulate General in Chicago of the Philippines,  9:00 am, on Saturday, December 30, 2017, at the Dr. Jose P. Rizal Monument along Lake Shore Drive – 


Please Join Us for a sumptuous Lunch, 

to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Jose P. Rizal 

and Our Community


Date: Saturday, December 30, 2017

Time: 11am – 2pm

Location: Rizal Community Center


On Saturday, December 30, 2017, we commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal and, inspired by his life service for community, we celebrate our Community. We much appreciate your support and vitality throughout this year!


Dr. Jose Rizal raised the Philippine Island’s national consciousness. His pervading love of country propelled him to seek justice and liberty for her through nonviolence and to restore her people’s dignity and give recognition to their natural rights recognized. 

At the age of thirty-five, Jose P. Rizal nobly sacrificed his life as a martyr for the Philippine people. “What is death to me?” he is quoted as saying. “I have sown the seed; others are left to reap.”

Dr. Rizal wanted the Philippine people to dedicate their thoughts, words, and actions not solely to themselves as individuals, but to themselves as citizens of a nation.

Throughout this past year, we saw how apt his words and actions still are in our day to day. In 2018, we honor his memory as we affirm our cultural identity and celebrate the intersection of diverse peoples and cultures within our Fil Am and broader communities. We explore what is a Filipino a Fil Am – and a participant of American society to which we belong. As equally importantly, we explore how we together can – will – build community. 


Join Us. 


Dec 25, 2017
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GWCA 2017 Year-end Report. Thank you members and leaders!

GWCA Year-end Report, December 2017

GWCA Council Members, Block Reps, Committee Chairs and Community, Thanks for a terrific 2017!


March: Alderman Pawar & Tunney invited Neighborhood Stakeholders to their presentation for $20M in interior and exterior improvements at LVHS and a complete campus re-do.  There are outstanding questions / concerns about some of the campus plan.  A follow-up presentation is Tuesday, January 9, 6 pm at LVHS.  Enter via Ashland door #6 (ring the bell).

May: GWCA Council Members held Annual Planning

May: GWCA Annual 2017 Yard / Garage Sale.  2018 will be Free to GWCA Members or anyone who joins to participate.  And the Rizal Community Center will provide space if you want to participate, but don’t have yard or garage space.

June: GWCA Meeting and Pollinator Party.  Peter Leki and Lisa Hish were our Pollinator Panel and discussed how important native plants are for reducing neighborhood stormwater flooding and maintaining neighborhood pollinators (butterflies and bees).  Please trade grass for more native plants.  Each attendee received a small pot and native plant seeds.  We had elections and our Summer Solstice Pot Luck

July: GWCA Council Members and Block Reps held their 3rd Annual Leadership BBQ and Meeting.

August: GWCA’s 35th Garden Walk and Gardeners Pot Luck.  Gardeners participated from Pensacola to Cuyler.  GWCA showed its ECO/Green Committee Native Plant Demonstration Corner at Belle Plaine and Greenview, which absorbs about 2,000 gallons of stormwater annually to help reduce Greenview stormwater flooding.  GWCA and other neighborhoods are working together to provide Pollinator Pathways from the Chicago River to Lake Michigan.

August: GWCAFest 2017, magic, music, and meeting at Warner Park

October: GWCA Children’s Halloween Party at Warner Park

October: GWCA Meeting at LVHS.  Principal Karafiol was our Speaker and reviewed the $20M LVHS Improvement Plan and campus re-do.

November: Council Members and Block Reps led neighbors on their blocks for the Annual Street Leaf Cleanup.  22 LVHS students and two Council Members led this effort on that weather wicked day.  Because of cold rain, many waited a few days to clean street leaves.  No matter where you live, please clean up all street leaves to prevent neighborhood flooding at intersections downhill from you.

December: GWCA Meeting at Rizal where we had elections, a mixer, brainstormed and enjoyed our Annual Holiday Pot Luck



GWCA membership grew

Council Members, Block Reps and neighbors worked and played together and kept the Graceland West neighborhood one of the Greenest, Safest and Best in Chicago

We introduced Blue and White Parkway Signs to help notice GWCA meetings and events. More neighbors visited our website, checked out our calendar;, contacted us at, and used our website Face book link to see neighborhood photos.

GWCA continued to work on increasing Green Space. All neighborhood residents, property owners, businesses and schools are encouraged to add 100 sq. ft. of absorptive hardscape or absorptive native plant landscape for every 3,000 sq. ft. of lot you have, add green roofs to flat roofs and reduce non-absorptive surfaces, including grass.

Thank you GWCA Members! Your Membership dues supported…

  • A $1,000 GWCA Scholarship for a graduating LVHS senior
  • A $1,000 donation to Warner Park and Gardens
  • Quarterly hand delivered fliers, parkway signs, our GWCA website, meeting and venue space, filing fees and some event costs.




Dec 21, 2017
Comments Off on Sell or Donate? GWCA Yard / Garage Sale is June 2 / Rain Date June 3, 2018

Sell or Donate? GWCA Yard / Garage Sale is June 2 / Rain Date June 3, 2018

GWCA’s Annual Yard/ Garage sale will be Saturday, June 2nd.  The rain date is Sunday, June 3rd.  9 AM – 4 PM.

Free to GWCA Member households.  $10.00 to non member households.  Join GWCA and the Yard / Garage Sale is free.  Your fee covers city registration costs, group advertising and neighborhood signs. You’re encouraged to have a funky and fun sign in front of your house too.

If you’re in an apartment or condo and don’t have space to sell your items, no problem.  The Rizal Community Center is providing GWCA space for you to set up there.  You’ll be outside if the weather is good or in the auditorium if weather is bad.

Just call Mark at 312.405.6500 to register.  He can also help you with GWCA Membership.

Dec 20, 2017
Comments Off on Alderman Pawar to present LVHS Improvement Plan & Campus Reconfiguration

Alderman Pawar to present LVHS Improvement Plan & Campus Reconfiguration

When:  Monday, January 9, 6 PM

Where:  Lake View High School, Ashland entry #6

Questions?  GWCA will put together your questions.  Please submit to

Dec 11, 2017
Comments Off on Aircraft Noise Update

Aircraft Noise Update

The GWCA Council has received complaints of aircraft noise since the opening of the Berteau aligned runway at O’Hare in 2015. Planes descend to about 1,000’ at Clark Street. Many of the flights over our neighborhood originate on the west coast or Asia, come east over the Eisenhower (or general area), turn over Lake Michigan and head west about Berteau to land on the new Berteau aligned runway.  This air traffic continues to increase  because of the closing of the diagonal runways at O’Hare.


This is from Fair Allocation of Runways…

“Since the October 2013 activation of the 10C/28C runway (aligned with Wilson Avenue in Chicago) and the full operation of runway 9L/27R (aligned with Pratt Avenue in Chicago), official noise complaints registered by residents living within twenty-five miles of O’Hare Airport has risen from 29,000 (end of 2013) to 12.5 million (cumulative through July 2017). Annually, noise complaints have increased from 29,000 (2013) to 268,000 (2014) to 4.1 million (2015) to 5 million (2016) to an expected 5.7 million (through the end of 2017). Average monthly complaints are now 472,000 (through July 2017), and for the first time have exceeded 600,000 (May 2017). Increasing complaints are the result of the aforementioned 10C/28C and 9L/27R runways, runway 10R/28L (opened October 2015) aligned with Berteau Avenue in Chicago, in addition to the closing of the two diagonal runways 14L/32R and 14R/32L. The final new runway 9C/27C (aligned with Granville Avenue south of Devon Avenue in Chicago) is scheduled for completion in 2020”.


If you’re bothered by airplane noise, please report it here: ( or to 311.

Please also let GWCA know at


Dec 6, 2017
Comments Off on Agenda + Minutes from December 4, 2017 GWCA Meeting, Elections, Holiday Pot Luck. 7:15 PM at Rizal

Agenda + Minutes from December 4, 2017 GWCA Meeting, Elections, Holiday Pot Luck. 7:15 PM at Rizal

Council Member Brian O’Donnell chaired the meeting.


Elections.  Block Rep Dave Barnett (Greenview) was elected.  Council Member Bruce Braun (Belle Plaine) was re-elected.  Council Member Brad Pierce (Warner) was re-elected.  GWCA is an all-volunteer organization and has 9 Council Members.  Terms are 18-months.

Questions were addressed about the new Campus Plan for the Lake View High School and Community Park.  If you have questions, please write

GWCA holds four quarterly community meetings annually.  Attendees were asked what meeting topics they most wanted for 2016.  Please write with your meeting and speaker ideas and can you help with this topic / speaker?  What are your hobbies, passions, interests, neighborhood interests?

GWCAFest is the “Block Party” for everyone living in the neighborhood (Montrose, Clark, Irving Park, Ashland).  Are you single, a grad student, married, a parent, an empty nester, retired?  What would entice you to GWCAFest?  Please email us at  And let us know if you’d like to help on the committee or with a specific item.

We thank the Rizal Community Center for hosting this meeting.  Thank you to all who attended.  Thanks also for the delicious food everyone provided.  We got lots done and had fun!

Dec 3, 2017


One of our members sent this to me as it reminded her of all the good work we are all doing together in our community. We have an awesome community made up of caring neighbors and hard workers.


Dec 1, 2017
Comments Off on GWCA Holiday Pot Luck, short meeting, elections & Mixer – Monday, Dec 4

GWCA Holiday Pot Luck, short meeting, elections & Mixer – Monday, Dec 4

When:  7:15 at the Rizal Center Auditorium (parking on east side of the building)

Who:  anyone who lives in Graceland West



Meet and eat (dessert & Mixer at the end)

Lake View High School Campus & Community Park remake questions.

2018 GWCA Meeting and GWCAFest ideas (all)


Budget and check approvals for LVHS Scholarship and Warner Park donation

Old Business / New Business

Adjourn, Mixer & Dessert.

Upcoming Events

  1. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale

    June 2 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  2. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale Rain Date

    June 3 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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