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Aug 30, 2017
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GWCAFest 2017 Thanks YOU

Attendees of all ages attended GWCAFest 2017 (Sunday, August 27th – Warner Park & Warner) and said it was amazing and FUN.  Thanks go to neighbors Barb Sullivan and Brad Pierce and their committee, who put on this “block party” for the entire neighborhood”.  Lisa B sang from the Gazebo.  Neighbors raved about the bake table all day.  Randy, our favorite magician, tricked another generation of Graceland West children.  We enjoyed food, bag tossing, kids games, bouncy house, an ice cream truck, pony rides, a petting zoo, face painting.  GWCA conducted a planning survey.  GWCA and Lake View High School had information tables and LVHS Principal Karafiol met children and parents all day.

Bruce Braun chaired the GWCA Community Meeting at 4:30. Lake View High School Principal P. J. Karafiol provided a LVHS update.  GWCA members elected Pensacola neighbor Kristi Passarelli to the open 18-month GWCA Council seat.  Kristi joins the nine-member council. Members voted to approve the 2017 GWCA budget and approved checks be approved for specific expenses.

GWCA launched multi-use blue and white neighborhood parkway signs (designed by Brad Pierce), that will let you know about future meetings and events too and 48% of attendees surveyed said they saw the signs.

We don’t know how to give a large enough thanks to all neighbors who supported GWCAFest 17 and came and enjoyed the day.  We thank the 40 or more neighbors, including Council Members, former Council Members and Block Reps who helped with planning, set up, the event, cleanup and follow up.  The meeting agenda will be posted soon.

We partner with Lake View High School for every GWCAFest.  Some of their students volunteer to help and receive Service Learning Hours.  On Sunday you may have noticed 25 students in LVHS “t” shirts or athletic uniforms.  These young volunteers helped us clean the street, lug tents, tables and chairs, set up, helped with kids games and all events.  They helped tear down, put everything away and clean the street again.  Some worked one shift.  Some worked 4 shifts; the entire day.  This event could not have succeeded without their help and great attitudes.

You and all our volunteers made GWCAFest 2017 a wonderful day for all.  GWCA is an all-volunteer organization.  Let us know if you’d like to join or volunteer.  Please check our GWCA calendar for upcoming meetings and events:


Aug 29, 2017
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Career Criminal arrested 8-26

Graceland West experienced an increase in burglaries and thefts from garages, homes and vehicles beginning in the Spring.   This increased crime was neighborhood wide.  Consequently Council Members, Block Reps and GWCA members increased Neighbors Watching efforts.  And we recruited and trained new Block Reps. We next added 19th District Police to our June meeting agenda at Warner Park. Two officers attended. Officers let us know most (not all) recent neighborhood crime was “crime of opportunity” meaning a window was open without a ventilation lock or closed but not locked or a house, garage or car door was unlocked. Police asked us to call 911 for any suspicious activity or crime and let dispatchers sort out whether the call should go to 311.

A suspect was stopped from taking a tv from a dwelling on Irving Park on Saturday, August 26th, then an apartment on the 4300 block of Clark was broken into and shortly afterward a suspect was arrested carrying a tv on the block. Please take time to read the arrest information below from CWB Chicago. Please also pass this part of this message on to your neighbors.  If you were a victim of a crime since March, 2017, please reply and also contact Sgt. Mary Hein with 19th District CAPS at and see if this suspect might be linked to your crime, find out the court date and attend.

Please always report all suspicious activity to 911, then call their phone tree; neighbors on all four sides. Please review and share these crime prevention tips, which are customized for our neighborhood.

Aug 21, 2017
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GWCAFest – Sunday – 3-7 – in front of Warner Park

Join your neighbors for food and fun at GWCAFest, our annual block party for the entire neighborhood.  Food, activities and games from 3 – 7.  Magician 3:30, short GWCA meeting / election (after the magic show) and ice cream truck 6:30.

Aug 19, 2017
Comments Off on Greenview filming & parking restrictions on Wednesday, August 23rd.

Greenview filming & parking restrictions on Wednesday, August 23rd.

Aldeman Pawar’s office asked us to let you know that there will be no parking / tow signs posted for Wednesday, August 23rd from 6 am to 7 pm on the west side of Greenview from Berteau to Warner for filming and on the south side of Berteau for access and production vehicles.  Can you please get th



Aug 7, 2017
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35th GWCA Garden Walk was enjoyed by all!

Thanks organizers, Donna, Terry, Kathleen, Kelly, Brad P and all who helped, all who graciously opened their gardens to all and to all of you who visited our gardens.  Lots of neighbors, near neighbors and garden lovers from afar attended and rambled through 40 neighborhood gardens, green space and pollinator pathways.

GWCA launched Blue and White (sky and lake) Parkway signs that alert to upcoming meetings and events.  We noticed neighbors taking photos of the signs to remember the date and time.


Aug 4, 2017
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35th GWCA Garden Walk is Sunday from 1-5 pm

This Sunday, August 6th, is the 35th Garden Walk for the Graceland West Community Association! The Garden Walk is from 1-5 pm.  

35 years is a milestone for GWCA, the committee – Donna, Terry, Kathleen, for all who are showing their gardens and for everyone who has shown a garden or volunteered since 1979. Thank you ALL!! 

Please help make this event special for all. Please join us and see the 40 gardens and greenspace we’re showing off this year. Enjoy the opportunity to meet neighbors, share gardening tips and have FUN!  

You may have noticed that we launched our blue and white (lake and sky) GWCA Parkway Signs. This long anticipated tool that will help us communicate upcoming meetings and events.  

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  1. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale

    June 2 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  2. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale Rain Date

    June 3 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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