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Feb 21, 2017
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Letter from LVHS Principal Karafiol

Dear Parents and Members of the Lake View Community, I am writing because I am honored to have been selected by the Lake View High School Local School Council as Lake View’s contract principal. For the eight months I’ve been interim principal, you have been incredibly supportive of all of our efforts: from recruiting and retaining students, to refurbishing our decades-old weight room, to supporting the 300 Civics students competing in the ISTI STEM Challenge, and to helping us envision Lake View’s trajectory as Chicago’s premier neighborhood high school. We’re very grateful! Inside the building, our staff and students have been doing tremendous work, and I’m delighted to be able to share some of their successes with you:

  • Our Freshman team raised our “Freshman On-Track” rate–a key indicator of college preparedness–to over 97%, one of the very highest of any neighborhood school in the city.
  • Our deans and the team of teachers engaging in restorative practices have dramatically reduced both misconducts and suspensions (by 40% and 80%, respectively) by helping students address the root causes of conflict. Our current suspension rate is one of the lowest in the city.
  • Our course teams have substantially increased the rigor and engagement of classwork in all content areas.
  • Our special education team has navigated this year’s huge shifts in special education services to increase the supports available to our diverse learners.
  • Our students have achieved local and national recognition for athletics and academics, and as college results start coming in, we’re excited to be sending students to schools as nearby as UIC and as far away as Middlebury.

None of these achievements would be possible without the constant hard work of our dedicated teachers and staff here at Lake View–and without your partnership and support. We have big plans for the next four years: in partnership with Microsoft, NuMat Technologies, and Northwestern University, we just launched our Innovation Academy, a four-year enrichment program for academically-curious students. We’re excited about the $20 million in renovations that will transform our exterior and interior spaces, and grateful for the support of the Chicago Cubs and Lake View Partners in giving us a head start with a brand-new weight room and MakerSpace. We’re inspired by our student-entrepreneurs working under the mentorship of DeLoitte. We’re grateful for the support of GrowCommunity in helping solidify a true network of neighborhood elementary and high schools that promises to create a smooth K-12 pipeline for children across the north side. And we’re widening pathways for our students into college by improving access to classes at DePaul University and expanding our Dual Credit offerings with Wright College, and by hosting informational events for families in conjunction with the Harvard Club of Chicago. I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to be a part of these plans and see continued progress at Lake View. I’ve never felt more fortunate in my career, and I’m so excited for these next four years. Sincerely, Paul J. Karafiol Principal, Lake View High School


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