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Jan 29, 2017
Comments Off on Northwestern University to be LVHS Early College STEM Partner

Northwestern University to be LVHS Early College STEM Partner

Dear Members of the Lake View Community, I have exciting news to share with you: Northwestern University has adopted Lake View High School and will be our Early College STEM Partner! Northwestern University has an international reputation for STEM teaching and learning, for work in the field of education, and for programs that enrich and accelerate the growth of academically talented students. We are eager to leverage these strengths to provide increased opportunities for our students and increased support for the work our teachers are doing every day. And we are delighted to offer Northwestern’s students of education the opportunity to work in a high-performing, diverse neighborhood school with a strong STEM focus. As we move forward, we plan to engage faculty and students on both campuses in identifying where and how our partnership can be most impactful. Of course, Lake View High School would not be the school that it is without the support of our other partners, including DePaul and the City Colleges on the educational side, Microsoft, Deloitte, and the Chicago Cubs on the corporate side, and GrowCommunity as an essential link with our neighborhood. We see our coming work with Northwestern as adding to and complementing the work of our existing partners, and we are incredibly grateful for all of their support. When Northwestern Vice President for Research Jay Walsh stepped in our building for the first of many planning meetings, he remarked that with Northwestern and Lake View sharing the “Wildcat” moniker, the partnership seemed almost fated. It’s taken a lot of thinking and planning to bring this about, and we’re so very excited to link our Wildcats with theirs. Sincerely, Paul J. Karafiol

Jan 24, 2017
Comments Off on Agenda and Minutes for Dec 4, 2016 GWCA Meeting, Election, Pot Luck

Agenda and Minutes for Dec 4, 2016 GWCA Meeting, Election, Pot Luck

GWCA December 2016 Pot Luck, Meeting, Elections

Dec 4, 2016, 4-6PM, Rizal Center, Chair: Bruce Braun

Council: Bruce Braun, Brad Pierce (12/17), John Bjork, Laurie Gillman, Brad Zerman (6/17), Janice Horwich, Chenin Kienzler, Brian O’Donnell (12/16), Treasurer:  Barb Sullivan




4 PM Sign in, name tags, meet neighbors and help yourself to appetizer buffet Bruce Braun
4:20 Welcome and Introduce all. Current & Prior Council & Block Reps to stand    and remain standing.  Committee Members next.  Leadership Thanks! Bruce Bruan, Janice Horwich
4:25 Election for 4 Council Seats. Candidates are Janice Horwich, Chenin Kienzler, Brian O’Donnell and Joanne Yonan Bruce Braun
4:30 Lake View High School Principal PJ Karafiol Update PJ Karafiol, Joanne Yonan
4:45 Present Lake View High School Scholarship & Warner Park Donation Council
4:50 Financial Report Barb Sullivan
4:55 New Business, Old Business, Adjourn Bruce Bruan
5:00 – 6 PM Dessert buffet, encourage all to meet many neighbors, social hour, join GWCA,         join committees, social hour.Volunteer to help judge the December 20th LVHS Science Fair.

_______________________________________________________________________GWCA 2016 highlights: GWCA is now a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit * launched new website * expanded Block Rep Program *GWCA ECO Committee expanded with partnerships with CNT & WEF for neighborhood stormwater / flooding issues and to provide native bird and pollinator habitat * CNT Neighborhood “Rain Ready” Survey Results * Annual Garage Sale * awarded 1st scholarship to LVHS * Kids Concert * Babysitter Networking *  Summer Solstice Pot Luck * Alderman Pawar spoke * 34th GWCA Garden Walk * 37th GWCAFest * LVHS Interim Principal Karafiol spoke * ECO Committee planted demonstration parkway corner to reduce stormwater flooding * LVHS community Composting * Annual Halloween Party at Warner Park * 4th annual GWCA Street Leaf Cleanup – partner w LVHS * December Pot Luck & Elections – speaker: LVHS Interim Principal Karafiol                                                                                                      Please mail membership dues and correspondence to L. Gillman, GWCA, 4115 N. Greenview, Chicago, IL 60613

Minutes:  Speaker LVHS Interim Principal Paul J. Karafiol and Teacher Joanne Yonan updated us on Lake View scholastics and plans to update the campus and community track, field, play lot and parking.  Janice Horwich, Chennin Kienzler and Brian O’Donnell and Joanne Yonan were elected to 18 month GWCA council terms.  Joanne Yonan was elected to the 12 month open term. Members brought up issues with CUBS day game parking and requested the next meeting with Alderman Pawar to discuss possible solutions.  Donation checks approved: $1,000 for the LVHS Scholarship and $1,000 to Warner Park and Gardens.  Follow-up:  A meeting was requested with Alderman Pawar.  The GWCA Council will next schedule their annual budget and planning session.  Three GWCA leaders were judges for the annual LVHS Science Fair.  Very appreciative Thank You notes were received from Lake View High School and Warner Park and Gardens. GWCA thanks all members for their support.

Bruce Braun 
Jan 10, 2017
Comments Off on Southport Neighbors (SNA) zoning mtg for 3647-3649 Southport

Southport Neighbors (SNA) zoning mtg for 3647-3649 Southport

Southport Neighbors asked us to let neighbors know about a zoning meeting they are holding regarding a TOD development at 3647-3649 N Southport. Currently a Japanese restaurant and a dry cleaners occupy that space. The meeting is January 16 at 7 pm at the Mercury Theater. 

Jan 9, 2017
Comments Off on Alert: 1-2 male doorbell ringers casing houses nearby.

Alert: 1-2 male doorbell ringers casing houses nearby.

If you observe suspicious activity happening at the time, that is reason to call 911 as quickly as possible.  Next please call or text your phone tree (neighbors on all four sides and ask them to alert their phone tree).  Here is a description of 2 males who have been seen individually and together who police say are looking for crime opportunities.

Witness – the first person was of average height and build (6 ft or so) and was wearing a light grey jacket that had a couple of black zippers detailing the front. He was wearing a black cap under his hood and a royal blue wrap/mask around his neck/chin/mouth. He is a lighter skinned, African American male and I was able to see from some of the video footage a very distinct, dark mustache straight across his upper lip that appears to wrap below to a goatee. The second person was dressed much the same, also with a backpack and clipboard and had a similar, average build. He also appears to be lighter skinned, African American but no facial hair. While the faces are clear the videos are a mix of night vision and color plus varying quality so some of the details are hard to decipher.

I uploaded both of my videos to the North Center Ring app which sent a notification to my surrounding neighbors yesterday morning. Last night two nearby neighbors updated the app with videos of the same two men at their doors between the hours of 5pm and 7pm. In one instance the solicitors saw the neighbor leaving their house, asked if they lived there and then proceeded to ring the doorbell a few minutes after the encounter. When the neighbor answered the door from his phone they left pretty quickly.

I spoke with the CAPS office this morning and they are reviewing the video footage with a burglary detective. They also stressed the importance of calling 911 immediately for any suspicious activity. I told them I was worried it would be additional noise/distractions for the 911 operators but they reinforced the idea that we as neighbors have no idea what information the police are currently working off of and in a lot of cases they can link the calls regarding suspicious activity back to crimes that have been committed in the same area around the same time. They also said without a doubt these two men are looking for opportunities.

GWCA Crime Prevention Tips:  Please have a bright porch light on from dusk to dawn all year.  Additionally use motion lights on 1 – 2 interior lights from dusk to 11:30 or so.  These lights should be visible from the street.  Please also keep your porch, stairs and sidewalks shoveled as not doing so indicates no one is around and makes your property a target.

Jan 8, 2017
Comments Off on AMA Guidance to Reduce Harm from High Intensity LED Street Lights

AMA Guidance to Reduce Harm from High Intensity LED Street Lights

AMA Adopts Guidance to Reduce Harm from High Intensity Street Lights

For immediate release:
Jun 14, 2016
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CHICAGO – Strong arguments exist for overhauling the lighting systems on U.S. roadways with light emitting diodes (LED), but conversions to improper LED technology can have adverse consequences. In response, physicians at the Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) today adopted guidance for communities on selecting among LED lighting options to minimize potential harmful human and environmental effects.

Converting conventional street light to energy efficient LED lighting leads to cost and energy savings, and a lower reliance on fossil-based fuels. Approximately 10 percent of existing U.S. street lighting has been converted to solid state LED technology, with efforts underway to accelerate this conversion.

“Despite the energy efficiency benefits, some LED lights are harmful when used as street lighting,” AMA Board Member Maya A. Babu, M.D., M.B.A. “The new AMA guidance encourages proper attention to optimal design and engineering features when converting to LED lighting that minimize detrimental health and environmental effects.”

High-intensity LED lighting designs emit a large amount of blue light that appears white to the naked eye and create worse nighttime glare than conventional lighting. Discomfort and disability from intense, blue-rich LED lighting can decrease visual acuity and safety, resulting in concerns and creating a road hazard.

In addition to its impact on drivers, blue-rich LED streetlights operate at a wavelength that most adversely suppresses melatonin during night. It is estimated that white LED lamps have five times greater impact on circadian sleep rhythms than conventional street lamps. Recent large surveys found that brighter residential nighttime lighting is associated with reduced sleep times, dissatisfaction with sleep quality, excessive sleepiness, impaired daytime functioning and obesity.

The detrimental effects of high-intensity LED lighting are not limited to humans. Excessive outdoor lighting disrupts many species that need a dark environment. For instance, poorly designed LED lighting disorients some bird, insect, turtle and fish species, and U.S. national parks have adopted optimal lighting designs and practices that minimize the effects of light pollution on the environment.

Recognizing the detrimental effects of poorly-designed, high-intensity LED lighting, the AMA encourages communities to minimize and control blue-rich environmental lighting by using the lowest emission of blue light possible to reduce glare. The AMA recommends an intensity threshold for optimal LED lighting that minimizes blue-rich light. The AMA also recommends all LED lighting should be properly shielded to minimize glare and detrimental human health and environmental effects, and consideration should be given to utilize the ability of LED lighting to be dimmed for off-peak time periods.

The guidance adopted today by grassroots physicians who comprise the AMA’s policy-making body strengthens the AMA’s policy stand against light pollution and public awareness of the adverse health and environmental effects of pervasive nighttime lighting.


Media Contact:
AMA Media and Editorial
Pressroom: (312) 239-4991

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