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Feb 29, 2016
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GWCA Meeting March 15

Next GWCA Meeting is March 15 (Tuesday) 7 pm, the Jose Rizal Center.

CNT, Center for Neighborhood Technology, will present Graceland West

“Rain Ready” Survey Results & Recommendations and discuss

neighborhood drought and stormwater issues.

Also vote on GWCA Budget. Rizal is at 1332 West Irving and has parking.

March 15 is also Primary Election Day.  Early voting has now begun.

On March 15 polls close at 7 pm and the GWCA Meeting begins.

Feb 27, 2016
Comments Off on Parking Restrictions / Filming 3/2 & 3/3

Parking Restrictions / Filming 3/2 & 3/3

Good Morning GWCA,


There will be parking restrictions in effect on 3/2 & 3/3 from 7am-7pm at 4136-4158 N. Greenview (on the west side only) due to filming in the area. The Chicago Film Office will or has already flyered the neighbors.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.




Feb 24, 2016
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Lake View High School News

Did You Know In 2015 Lake View High School…


* Earned a rating of “Level 1” on the 2015 CPS School Quality Rating Report

* Obtained the Top Rating of “Well Organized” on the 2015 5Essentials Survey

* Celebrated Our Valedictorian’s acceptance to Princeton University and $14,269,337 Total in Scholarship Earnings

* Involved 65% of Students in School Spirit with 26 Sports, 32 Extracurricular Clubs, and Multiple STEM and Arts Partnerships

* Placed 2nd in the CPS City Championship for Baseball

* Celebrated Wrestling and Cross-Country Qualifiers for State

* Became STEM Tech Fest Champions for the Third Year in a Row

* Provided 27 Courses Offering College-Credit

* Created Paid Student Internship Opportunities Sponsored by Microsoft


Visit to learn more.


*Scott Grens*


Feb 23, 2016
Comments Off on Chicago premier of the documentary film “Maestro: Music is Everything”

Chicago premier of the documentary film “Maestro: Music is Everything”

Ravenswood Elementary School’s Fine Arts Magnet Education Committee, along with music educator, violinist and kindergarten parent Kathryn Lake, and playwright Tim Clue, will host the Chicago premier of the documentary film “Maestro: Music is Everything” on Friday, Feb. 26, beginning at 7 p.m. at the school. 4332 N. Paulina St. $10 Ticket suggested donation. Come for the Movie & popcorn & meet the film’s director. You are also invited to stay for the discussion about bringing music back to Ravenswood Elementary.

Feb 22, 2016
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Nearby Neighborhood Association event invitation

GWCA leadership is part of Northside Neighbors, a neighborhood association Super Group. NNA, Northcenter Neighborhood Association is also a member and has invited us to:

Join NNA for a Family Day at Begyle Brewing!

Swing by Begyle Brewing on Saturday, March 12th from 3-6pm.

Enjoy a beer, music, and quality time with your family and neighbors at one of Northcenter’s most exciting local breweries.

Homemade chili and other light snacks and soft drinks will be provided.

Beer available for purchase. Check out what’s on tap now.

All are welcome!

This event is free for NNA members, $10 for individuals (non members) and $20 for family entrance (non members).

Games and activities will be held for kids.

All attendees under 21 must be supervised.

Please REGISTER AT OUR WEBSITE to let us know you will be attending.

Feb 19, 2016
Comments Off on GWCA 2016 Calendar is Here!

GWCA 2016 Calendar is Here!

2016 Calendar
Four Quarterly Meetings:
1. March 15 (Tuesday) 7 pm, the Jose Rizal Center. CNT, Center for Neighborhood Technology will present Graceland West “Rain Ready” Survey Results & Recommendations and discuss neighborhood drought and stormwater issues. Vote on GWCA Budget. Rizal is at 1332 West Irving and has parking.
2. June 21 (Tuesday) 6:45 pm, Warner Park. Speaker TBA. Elections. Bring Finger Foods & Desserts for Pot Luck Picnic (home-made preferred).
3. GWCAFest + meeting. Date TBA
4. December 4 (Sunday) 3-5 pm, location TBD. Holiday Pot Luck, brief meeting & elections. We’d love to do a Progressive Dinner if two families could offer to host (one for appetizers, one for dessert).

Exciting Events:
1. May 21, (Saturday) 9-4 pm, GWCA Annual Garage Sale, Rain Day May 22nd (Sunday). Free to members. $15.00 to non-members. $5.00 off any new membership (single, family, non-profit, business, 1- year, 5-year) (and 1 – year senior membership free) when neighbors sign up for the garage sale before May 15th deadline. Email Mark Nehring to sign up,
2. June 11, (Saturday) 10 am, Warner Park. Mr. Dave Kids Concert. Come sing along with your little ones, meet and mingle with your friends and neighbors. Bring a blanket to sit on. Older kids – this is a great baby sitter opportunity to meet parents and kids.
3. August 7 (Sunday) noon – 5 pm Garden Walk and Gardener’s Dinner
4. August or September Saturday, noon to 4 pm, GWCAFest – TBA
5. October 22 (Saturday) 9-3 PM, Jose Rizal Center, Halloween Blood Drive – Tentative Date
6. October 29 (Saturday) noon – 2:30 Halloween Party, Warner Park
7. November 12 (Saturday) Leaf Clean-up on Your Block 9-11 am

• Please email for information on being a Block Rep or to register for the 2016 Halloween Blood Drive. Beat 1912 CAPS Meetings are bi-monthly, beginning in January.
• March 19th is the 1st CUBS Night Game. LV-2 Parking Permits are required for night games, concerts and events.
• 2016 Wrigley Concerts include: June 24 (Friday), Phish, June 25, (Saturday), Phish, June 30, (Thursday), James Taylor / Jackson Brown Concert, August 20, (Saturday), Pearl Jam Concert, August 22, (Monday), Pearl Jam Concert, August 26,(Friday), Billy Joel Concert, August 27, (Saturday), Luke Byron Concert,
• September 6 (Tuesday), CPS School 1st day of school

Feb 11, 2016
Comments Off on GWCA Neighborhood “Rain Ready” Survey Results & Recommendations

GWCA Neighborhood “Rain Ready” Survey Results & Recommendations

North Side Neighbors, the network of nine surrounding neighborhood organizations, and GWCA share “Rain Ready” issues. Leadership from each of their organizations is interested in attending our March meeting. Some of these leaders attended our July 2015 meeting. As discussed last July, one way we can help address stormwater flooding issues is with engineered soil and native plants in our parkway corners, yards and neighborhood parks. This has a dual benefit of providing beautiful habitat for birds and pollinators. Other permeability greenscape can include green roofs, permeable pavers, permeable concrete on the Lake View High School track, and in sidewalks for new parks, and permeable / greenscape with native plants added to our yards and included in all new park plans.

Please put this on your calendar!
WHAT: GWCA Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday, March 15, 7 pm, the Jose Rizal Center, 1332 West Irving. Parking lot on east side of building
Speaker: CNT, Center for Neighborhood Technology
Topic: GWCA Neighborhood “Rain Ready” Survey Results & Recommendations
Extreme weather (drought to 82″ of seasonal snow to stormwater flooding)
impact on yard & parkway trees, basements, streets, neighborhood and recommendations

Wet or dry, it’s not too late to take the “Rain Ready” survey and for your results to be included

Feb 7, 2016


We’ve reprinted the article from DNAINFO providing us with an excellent update of Lakeview High’s Stem Program, student successes and local coding competitions:

Lake View Student Gave Mayor His Computer Coding Business Card Like a Boss

By Ariel Cheung | February 4, 2016 8:29am

Mayor Rahm Emanuel met students, including Lake View High School senior Damian Medina, during a breakfast celebrating the successes of the five early college STEM high schools in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel met students, including Lake View High School senior Damian Medina, during a breakfast celebrating the successes of the five early college STEM high schools in Chicago. View Full Caption Provided/Alan Mather
LAKEVIEW — It’s not every day you get to hand the mayor your business card.

Particularly when you’re 18 years old.

Damian Medina, a senior at Lake View High School, met Mayor Rahm Emanuel during a breakfast last week where the five Chicago early college STEM schools discussed their successes. As they shook hands, Medina slipped the mayor his card.

“At first, [Emanuel] was a little confused, and he looked at it like, ‘What’s this?’ ” Medina recalled. “And I saw him looking at it when he walked away.”

Medina created the business card — which features a design highlighting his coding skills — before his programming internship last year. He’s handed them to his principal, teachers and the director of sales at Microsoft.

“I’ve got a lot of connections now, just because of a little business card,” he said.

This year, the computer science program at Lake View turns four years old; Medina is part of the first class to start the program as freshmen.

Since 2011, Lake View freshmen have taken an introductory class in coding. Those interested can continue programming through high school, eventually learning how to build smartphone apps and websites. Some classes also offer college credit.

“They’re basically learning another language. They’re learning code, but then they’re able to apply it,” said Principal Scott Grens.

A partnership with Microsoft gives the program an edge, sponsoring 15 summer internships for Lake View students each year. Medina, for example, helped build a website for the Chicagoland Workforce Funder Alliance. Others worked with Literacy Chicago and Mercy Housing.

“It wasn’t a little workshop; we were getting paid to do a project, put all those skills together and make a product for a client,” Medina said. “I wouldn’t get this anywhere else. It was like working a real job, and that made me realize I want to make websites.”

Lake View is taking a close look at the graduating class to see how effective the program is and what steps it can take to get more students involved.

But so far, Grens is thrilled with the program’s success.

“We’ve taken a lot of pride in this program, and we’re excited about really getting these students out in front of not only college recruiters, but also the workforce,” Grens said. “So many of them are prepared to work right now.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find students enjoying class so much they’ll volunteer their Saturdays to do more work; at Lake View, it’s becoming the norm.

“A lot of kids come and learn on Saturdays. We can stay for at least two or three hours and get some extra work in,” Medina said.

And the hard work seems to be paying off. In December, Medina and six other upperclassmen won the Chicago Police Hackathon. The team built the WindyCity Crime App, beating out Lane Technical High School and Whitney Young Magnet High School in the final round.

That same month, students worked with Coonley Elementary School to give their younger cohorts a taste of programming during the weeklong Hour of Code.

Last year, the school also won the Research and Development STEM Challenge, where 17 schools designed plans to solve water management issues in Chicago.

On Wednesday, the school received a $20,000 grant from Verizon Wireless to improve STEM engagement at Lake View.

On his own, Medina has twice won the Land of Lincoln Hackathon run by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Last year, Medina created the Home Health Care app, which connects users with a director of medical companies that can provide minor medical care with home visits.

Medina “does really capture all of what we want to see in a computer science student,” his principal said. “It’s really great to see he found a fit and is applying it not just in school, but outside of school. He’s really embraced it.”

Feb 4, 2016


SIP Southport & Irving started out as a restaurant (in the old Deleece space) with simple food and drink about four years ago. I had very little experience in this business and started out trying to restore the interior and exterior to the original integrity of the period. Early 19th century with some Art deco and east late Victorian influences. We moved the bar from the old Deleece space (Northern dining room) to the really ugly , soulless accounting office at the corner and have two spaces now of around 3650 square feet. This saved a building that a developer wanted to tear down and make condominiums.
We would like to be an anchor business on the north end strip of the Southport Corridor. Unfortunately, we see less foot traffic and empty store fronts than our counterparts only a few blocks south. At this end of the strip lights need to be on “ brightly “ as we have been having problems with vandalism and graffiti. Plus some of the store fronts are empty or revolving doors for small businesses.

Over the past year and a half we have managed to firmly establish the image and concept of our business. Our menu has become elevated dining while still encompassing an approachable neighborhood feel. As both should be in harmony. To this end we support local businesses and charities at Lakeview high School, Blaine and Lakeview Pantry.

As part of our concept we have been working with smaller, local distilleries, farms and wineries to refine our beverage and food programs. We’ve defined our cocktail program with pre-prohibition classics and original creations which goes hand in hand with the weekend jazz program.

However, we are struggling as well and need to generate more traffic and get more people in our restaurant so we can stay open and not be a place with no lights in the evening; like office spaces.

The wine bar, with the retail license, might help set us apart from the restaurants south of us on Southport. It would feature boutique, small production, wines at retail or near-retail prices with the option of consuming them at the restaurant (small corkage.) or ability to take home . Wine dinners and wine events will be easier to do. The featured wines will be focused on quality over quantity, also not found at other stores down the street. It will make our offerings more affordable instead of the usual restaurant mark-up, and would encourage our guests to dine and explore our dinner menu. For example a couple in the neighborhood will find an eclectic list which is affordable. At the higher end we would have beautiful wines at one third of price of a downtown restaurant. For example a Chateau Margaux at 100 dollars versus 300 at a Gibson’s.

We feel that this will make us a neighborhood and a destination restaurant in harmony with our neighborhood.

Concept Ideas & Inspiration for the Retail Wine & Restaurant
Bottle, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Toasted Oak Grill & Market, Novi, Michigan
Fallon & Byrne, Dublin, Ireland

Recent Press Accolades:

Thrillist Chicago
The Best Restaurants for Dining Alone in Chicago
“Those pining for a classy, adult dining experience without the pretentiousness of some downtown spots will feel at home at Southport & Irving. The underrated North Center restobar fires on all cylinders with solid cocktails, good food (try the killer potato samosas), a nice selection of wines, live jazz (yes, you did just hear the singer do a jazzy cover of a Juvenile song), and even an upstairs hotel room that’s perfect for passing out in after eating 37 potato samosas.”
(The Bristol, Longman & Eagle, Blackbird, Kanela Breakfast Club etc)

Michigan Avenue Magazine
Delicious Ways to Enjoy Breakfast at Dinner in Chicago
When an inevitable late-night biscuits and gravy craving hits, SIP is here for you with its ingenious after-dark brunch service. The nighttime brunch runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 p.m. until 1 a.m., and highlights knockout brunch fare like green chile chilaquiles, a 2x2x2 special (2 farm eggs, 2 jalapeno bacon sausage patties, and 2 mulberry-bacon johnnycakes), and (you guessed it) buttermilk biscuits and gravy.
(line up included: Little Goat, Au Cheval, Beef and Barley etc)

Chicago Eater
25 of the Hottest Hot Cocktails in Chicago
Grab a glass of Glögg and forget spring is still months away. This version is made with Rioja wine, Lustro Brandy de Jerez, Kronan Swedish Punsch, and spiced ginger syrup.
(line up included: Analogue, Blackbird, Balena, Cantina 1910, Broken Shaker, Mon Ami Gabi etc)

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  1. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale

    June 2 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  2. GWCA Annual Yard / Garage Sale Rain Date

    June 3 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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