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Mar 31, 2014
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Neighorhood Walk everyone is welcome

Ready for SPRING? Then join some neighbors for an early morning walk



NEIGHBORHOOD HISTORY: In 1997 the 2.3 acre Lake View High School Campus Park was redeveloped to include more function for students and the community. It was the first park developed with three stakeholders, the City of Chicago, Chicago Park District and Chicago School Board and was designed with neighborhood input. It includes a running track. children’s play lot, open field area for outdoor games, trees, shrubs, perennial plants, lighting and seating areas. All spaces are designed for the community to use when not in use by students. In return for the enhancements, the neighborhood ceded street parking on the 1500 block of Belle Plaine and on Greenview from Irving Park to Belle Plaine on the side of the street closest to the school for Lake View High School faculty parking. We encourage you to enjoy this neighborhood outdoor space.

Mar 29, 2014
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Cubs Meeting

Alderman Pawar announced a

“Community Meeting re: CUBS REMOTE PARKING

at 3900 N. Rockwell

April 1, 2014

Tuesday, 7 PM

at Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club

2501 West Irving Park Road

The Chicago CUBS have

engaged in a private agreement

with the owner of the lot

at 3900 N. Rockwell for it

to serve as the new site for their remote parking.

Representatives from the Chicago Cubs will attend this meeting

to present their plans and answer any questions you may have”

CUBS remote parking was previously at Dyvry University at

Addison & Western. According to recent news articles,

CUBS parking 3900 N. Rockwell will be free and hold 1,000 vehicles.

Mar 28, 2014
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Graceland West Neighborhood Yard Sale

Dear Neighbors;

This years annual yardsale will be held on May 31. 2014. More details to come.

Mar 21, 2014
Comments Off on Followup on Robbery and Battery Incident

Followup on Robbery and Battery Incident

Hello All,

I wanted to pass along this update from Sgt. Clark in 19th District CAPS. Have a good weekend.


The detectives, working on a tip from one of our officers, identified and arrested the female offender wanted for the robbery attempt and aggravated battery with bleach from Paulina. Offender was a 16 year old juvenile.

Jim Poole
Chief of Staff
Office of Alderman Ameya Pawar – Ward 47
4243 N Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
P: 773.549.4462
F: 773.549.4757

Mar 19, 2014
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Vote for GWCA neighborhood work in Alderman’s Menu

GWCA Council, thank you for completing Block Audits last fall. Please pass this message on to Block Reps, Committee Chairs and neighbors.

Dear Graceland West Neighbor, many neighborhood repairs are on the Aldermanic Menu that went out today. Please cast your vote to support items in the neighborhood and 47th Ward you feel most need to be done. Also, please pass this email on. Here is the link to the ballot and a list of infastructure needs in Graceland West.

#5 Alley Resurfacing
• 1400 West Cullom / Pensacola
• 1400 Belle Plaine / Warner
• 1500 West Montrose / Cullom
• 4100 North Greenview / Ashland
#6 Curbs and Gutters
• 1460 West Belle Plaine (repair is needed due to 2011 damage by the water department)
• 1400 West Belle Plaine
• 4100 North Greenview
#7 New Street Lights
• 1400 West Belle Plaine
• 1400 West Cullom
• 4100 North Greenview
#9 Street Resurfacing
• 1400 West Cuyler
• 4100 North Greenview

Please complete a Block Audit again this year so neighborhood infastructure needs are included and for next year.

Mar 14, 2014
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Alderman’s Update

Hello All,

It does feel like Spring this afternoon! Can Gardening and Spring Cleaning be far behind?

Every year we ask you to fill out an audit on your block. Here is a link to the lists of requests that we received from those audits.
Please fill out the survey and let us know what you think is important.

I hope you will join us (after you vote) for our monthly Gardening Workshop on Tuesday, March 18th at 6:30pm in the Ward Office. We will have a lively discussion about Best Practices for your Backyard. We will also talk about a new partnership to install rain barrels in concentrated areas of our neighborhood.

I have attached our Clean & Green Flyer for Saturday, April 26th. Please plan a project or two. If you need black garbage bags or help on your block, parkway or corner garden – please let me know – we will put a call out for volunteers.

On April 26th we’ll have a recycling truck at our Ward Yard 5333 N. Western, from 9am-1pm. Bring anything metal, electronics, old computers, televisions, and paper for recycling. We will be collecting used bikes for Working Bikes and books for Open Books. Take a look at the wonderful work these two Chicago based non-profits are doing. and

Once the snow is melted, would you please help us create a list of parkway and corner gardens? With construction season right around the corner, we want to help the city and utilities know where the gardens in the public way are located. Let’s do whatever we can to keep your gardens from being destroyed. Giving them this information is a great way to start.

Please share this with your neighbors! If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know. Together we can make a difference.


Dära Salk
Constituent Services Liaison
Alderman Ameya Pawar – Ward 47
4243 N Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
Phone: 773-868-4747
Fax: 773-549-4757
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Mar 14, 2014
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Clean Grean

NEW – Clean Grean flyer

Mar 7, 2014
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GWCA Board Meeting Issues

Dear Graceland West Community, here is a recap of neighborhood issues and opportunities the GWCA Council discussed last month. Please look it over and let me know if something should be added. (

1. Street Leaf Cleaning Issue
a. At our November 17, 2013 GWCA Council Meeting, frozen leaves blocked all storm water from reaching drains. Neighbors walked in the streets because of flooding. These leaves fell after the last street cleaning. We had a neighborhood cleanup on December 8th and cleared three intersections with 56 volunteer hours. In biting snow and 19-degree temperatures volunteers chiseled frozen leaves and ice from sewer grates. Leaves that were never cleaned up block crosswalks including the one at Belle Plaine and Southport. SOLUTION: This problem needs to be addressed at the ward and city level. We need adequate street cleaning. SOLUTION: As residents, we need to remind landscapers not to dump leaves in the streets. SOLUTION: We need LVHS to participate in clean up around school as we gave up our parking to them from Irving Park to Belle Plaine and Belle Plaine to Ashland on their side of the street.
b. Some crosswalks remain slick with leaf muck and ice and some traction humps are in bad condition.
2. Berteau/Greenview Intersection and bike path
a. Dropped sewer at SW corner of Greenview and Berteau. SOLUTION: This is on the list to be raised
b. Traffic Circle. Berteau westbound autos need to slow when approaching and cars and bicyclists need to slow and yield to pedestrians. POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Rub Strips (grooves in street to slow autos and bicycles with vibration reminder).
c. Sign has been hit. SOLUTION: Alderman has on list.
d. Bike lane was never cleared of leaves, which froze and have been covered with accumulated snow and ice rendering the bike lane unusable from December through April. SOLUTION: Clean up the street leaves.
e. Drivers are requesting mirrors at alleys and Berteau to increase visibility to see bicyclists.
3. Bike lane request
a. Residents, including seniors, requested a protected bike lane on Irving Park from Clark Street to the Lake
4. Rats
a. We continue to coordinate with the alderman’s office regarding rats in alleys.
5. Graffiti and tagging
a. The 1500 block of Belle Plaine at the alley is a graffiti hot spot. SOLUTION: We’ve asked LVHS to add another camera and we appreciate Alderman Pawar’s app that links to 311. SOLUTION: We need graffiti and tagging removed more quickly.
b. Tagging. We see tagging on the 1500 block of Berteau and along the Clark Street wall of Graceland Cemetery. SOLUTION: It is important that neighbors report all graffiti to 311 by phone or through the Chicago services app.
6. Students speeding through alleys. This issue has improved. We need renewed attention every spring.
7. Litter from students. The litter pattern has changed since the new 711 opened on Irving Park. We now see more litter on Irving Park and less on Belle Plaine. Litter has to be addresses each spring and fall. SOLUTION: LVHS students need to be involved in neighborhood cleanup.
8. Students leaving school after start of school day. We need continued random monitoring as students sometimes wander the alleys away from school after the 8:30 am start.
9. CUBs out of town game and event diesel busses. Game and event busses park and run their diesel engines. Additional night games and night events will increase this problem.
10. CUBs game and event parking stresses neighborhood parking especially from Belle Plaine south. Neighborhood parking pressure will increase because of additional night games, concerts and events. SOLUTION: Increase communication with residents especially Belle Plaine and south as well as Alderman’s office re this.
11. CUBs concert busses and equipment entourages use Belle Plaine as a shortcut to avoid the Irving Park / Ashland light and busses have even used the alley east of Greenview.
12. Airline noise. We are hearing some airline noise complaints since the addition of the new O’Hare runway.
13. Partnering with Lake View High School. We discussed partnering with Lakeview regarding our 2014 Garden Walk and neighborhood cleanups. In the past we’ve provided tutoring for subjects including Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Trig, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are interested in all ways we can partner in the future.
14. Condition of alleys. Many alleys have deep holes and disintegrating aprons that were mostly reported on the 2013 Ward Survey.
15. Bus stop. We love the often-used bus stop at Clark/Southport. We’ve heard it might be eliminated. Please include us in any discussion regarding this.

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