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Nov 28, 2013
Comments Off on Leaf Cleanup Date Set

Leaf Cleanup Date Set

GWCA neighborhood streets are full of slick rain and snow soaked leaves that fell after our final 2013 neighborhood street cleaning.
To prevent leaves from filling streets, crosswalks and sewer drains until Spring and contributing to flooding, some of us are trying to organize neighborhood street leaf clean-ups on our blocks. Cullom has just organized a street leaf clean-up for December 8th at 11 am. Please contact Janice Horwich: if you’ve organizing a leaf clean-up or want help to do so. Sunday, December 8th at 11 am is a great target date and time.

Nov 19, 2013
Comments Off on Block Audits Due for 2014 Improvements

Block Audits Due for 2014 Improvements

2014 Aldermanic Menu Announcement

Nov 13, 2013
Comments Off on Haiyan Relief Effort: You Can Help

Haiyan Relief Effort: You Can Help

The Jose Rizal Center, 1320 West Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60613 is located in our neighborhood. They have a 42′ cargo container going to the Red Cross in the Philippines tomorrow evening 11/12/13. They are requesting donations of new and used clothing (no winter clothes), towels, first aid kits, easy to open canned goods that doesn’t require heating (there is no electricity or cooking fuel), disinfecting wipes and gels and gym shoes. Donations need to be received by late afternoon on 11/13.
Do not donate water, which is being taken care of.

If you are donating money, please write checks to The Jose Rizal Center and note: Haiyan.

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