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Jun 12, 2012
Comments Off on 7-11 Liquor Moratorium Meeting Held Monday, June 11

7-11 Liquor Moratorium Meeting Held Monday, June 11

On Monday, June 11, representatives of 7-11 Inc. presented their case for a lifting of the current liquor sales moratorium between Clark Street and Ashland Avenue on Irving Park Road at Rizal Hall.  GWCA and Southport Neighbors were invited.  The main concerns expressed we regarding liquor sales to minors and potential gang activity.  Chris Benny, the 7-11 representative detailed the company’s scanning technology on all cash registers that record id information, the beverage vault locks on the coolers, the surveillance cameras inside and outside the store, the “open window” policy of all 7-11’s, the frequent presence of off duty police and ambulance crews, the City of Chicago’s ban on individual “airplane” bottles of alcohol, the twice-weekly store visits by 7-11 field consultants, and the ability to revoke a franchise in the event of violation of any of the company’s rules and regulations for operators, all as mechanisms for assuring compliance with the applicable liquor laws if the moratorium is lifted.  According to the handout, 7-Eleven Inc, currently holds 3 liquor licenses in the city.  He indicated 7-11 would not proceed with its proposed $500,000 renovation of the location at 1415 West Irving Park Road, without a lifting of the moratorium.  he also touted the 7-11 features of the daily delivery of hot foot program, the green initiative with LED lighting, energy management systems, ambient lighting of the parking lot that would not bleed into adjacent properties, signage, landscaping, and other amenities the store would contain.  The landlord of the property was present and indicated they were negotiating a 10 year lease with 3 5 year options to renew, all contingent upon a lifting of the moratorium, environmental survey, building permits, liquor license application and other hurdles with a targeted opening within 3-6 months.

Any comments or concerns should be directed to Jim Poole, Community Specialist at  The Alderman’s office will continue to take public comments about the lifting of the moratorium.  all further information is available on the ward website.

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