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Dec 12, 2011
Comments Off on Home invasion on the 1800 block of Cuyler

Home invasion on the 1800 block of Cuyler

This was very close to Graceland West and they have caught the perpetrators, see the link to the Tribune this morning:

Chicago Tribune.

Following is the original message from the CPD:

Message from the Chicago Police Department:

At 5:30 am on December 10, 2011, there was a home invasion on the 1800 block of Cuyler. The offender kicked in the door & threatened the family with a gun. He is described as a black male in his 20’s, 6’2″, and weighing around 200 pounds. He was wearing a gray skull cap, gray down jacket and blue jeans.

Earlier this morning, there was another home invasion in the 900 block of Sheridan. That offender had the same description but was said to be wearing a black skull cap & gray sweatshirt.

In between these two incidents a person on the 1800 block of Berteau reported someone pounded on their door asking for money to fix a car. The homeowner did not answer or see who was at the door and the person left. It may or may not be connected.

If you heard or saw anything suspicious, or live in the area and have a home video surveillance system, please contact Area 3 Detectives or the CAPS office in the 19th District at 312-744-5574. If you need immediate assistance please call 911.

Message from Alderman Pawar

My office continues to work with the Chicago Police Department to address crime in the 47th Ward. As always, if you see any problem buildings, gang activity or an uptick in graffiti, please contact Jim Poole at or 773-868-4747. With your input we have been able to provide the police department with real-time community information on graffiti, problem buildings, and other concerns. If there is a life-safety issue, please continue to call 911 and make our office aware of any safety issues you may experience. We take public safety very seriously and will continue to work with the Chicago Police Department on these matters.

Home Safety Tips (From our 11.18 Newsletter):

If you are going out of town ask a neighbor to take in your mail and the newspapers/pamphlets off of your porch
Going away during the winter? Ask a kind neighbor to walk up and down your front steps a few times if it snows.
Leave a radio or t.v. on while you are out.
Keep windows and doors locked!
Keep porch lights on and install motion detector lights for you gangway, side-door and garage door (worth every penny).
Don’t leave, bikes, toys or strollers out in front of your house.
Keep a can of Wasp Spray near the front door. It shoots 20′, is more accurate and easier to find than mace.
If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact our office at 773-868-4747 or email

Dec 2, 2011
Comments Off on Mariano’s Grocery store in the Sears Parking Lot at Lawrence and Ravenswood.

Mariano’s Grocery store in the Sears Parking Lot at Lawrence and Ravenswood.

Hi Everyone;

Here is an overview of Alderman Pawar’s community meeting on the Mariano’s Grocery store in the Sears Parking Lot at Lawrence and Ravenswood.

The meeting focused mainly on the proposed Mariano’s grocery store at Clark and Ravenswood. To be located in the Sears Parking Lot. The location comprises of two lots. The first lot, on the Lawrence Avenue side, will contain 122000 sq ft of retail space on two floors. The first floor will ideally hold a gym or health club and the second floor will have the grocery. The third floor will have parking for the grocery. At the rear of the building will be the parking lot for the first floor space and the Sears Store. Also part of the first floor will be the Sears Automotive Center, the bay doors of which will face towards the drive that will run parallel to the train tracks. That means anyone parking in the rear to use the health club or the Sears Store must walk the sidewalk along and in front of the service bays. Many people at the meeting had concern about this. The parking for the grocer would be on the roof. There was some concern about that because of the safety but the developer says unequivocally that the design of the roof parking will be heavily secured. The roof parking would be for the exclusive use of the grocer as one would be restricted to where one could bring the carts.

The back lot would be low density housing which would be accessed via the same drive as the stores and parking. Not much was mentioned about this except to say that it was another developer.

The project would be boosted with an approximate 4.5 million dollar TIFF expenditure. Everything is in place to get it started and there are two more meetings for people to come and review the proposal(s). If all are on board and approvals go as planned then the project could start in the spring of 2012 and finish one year later.

All this is being done in conjunction with the renovation of the Ravenswood Metra station and the redesign and rebuild of Lawrence Ave. Lawrence Avenue will be reduced to two lanes in either direction with a center lane used for turning and bike lanes. So plan on Lawrence Ave to be under construction and all the pitfalls that surround that.

Should you have any further questions or want to see the plans then please follow the link below.


Terry Baublis

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